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25 Jan 2021
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Magic Bullet Looks 2 for FCP X (and related) 23 Oct 2012 08:11 #15403

Fair enough Dan. I'm going to reinstall MBL2 and give it another chance. As a matter of fact, I just finished reinstalling the trial version. Let's see if I can figure out what version this is... Okay, it's 2.0.8.

Im pretty certain my problem was that I was switching back to the wrong desktop. Actually what I've discovered now that I've reinstalled it, was when you would choose to edit a look in FCPX, it was actually opening the MB Looks application in the previous desktop, since I was running FCPX in it's own desktop. Then when I switched to another application (Mail for example) I didn't realize looks was running in it's own minimized app and since I didn't readably identify it, I mistakenly switched back to FCPX on my 2nd desktop, but it was currently inactive because Looks had been activated from inside FCPX.

I've also been looking at Sapphire Edge and discovered it shared the same technique of switching desktops when it would connect to its FX Central Preset Browser when selecting a "parent" filter inside FCPX to load a new preset (or child filter). Bottom line is, it's doing the same thing, opening up another application to choose a filter, then closing and switching back to FCPX once the filter is selected.

Anyway, now that I've figured out my "operator error" Im once again considering MBLooks, despite the interface outside of FCPX. As you pointed out Dan, MB Looks 2 is awfully powerful and with the new tools, and enhanced features, it's definitely a contender for my $$ when it comes to plugins for FCPX.

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