We're back! More about that soon. In more important news, new versions of our favourite apps are out.

When Italian director Leonardo Dalessandri published Watchtower of Turkey in October 2014, his work created a tidal wave among content creators worldwide. Millions of people watched and applauded this stunning production on Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook and famous Youtubers made breakdown videos to analyze how he created this masterpiece.

The last few WWDC's have been pretty well packed with new hardware and software. Apple's 2022 World Wide Developers Conference continued the innovation.

Nick Harauz publishes the recent live presentation from Boris FX that focused on Final Cut Pro.

Today is the official launch day of FMC's online training and certification for Final Cut Pro.

Apple has officially responded to the recent open letter from Final Cut Pro editors to Tim Cook.

Why is it that my video editor can track faces and add 3D objects to computer generated cars zooming by in 8k, but when it comes to finding and placing a sound, I may as well use the phone book? Here's a quick and flexible solution.

Alex takes us on a tour of his new app BeatMark Pro, designed to make editing to cues on music a lot easier.

Apple has published updates to the Pro Video apps today. Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor get new features, iMovie for the Mac gets an update too. There's also an update of Pro Video Formats to 2.2.3.

We sat down with Xander Soren, Director of Product Marketing, Pro Apps, Tom Boger, Vice President of Mac & iPad Product Marketing and Shelly Goldberg, Senior Director, Mac & iPad Product Design.