MBS 300 dynamic trimming fcpx

We have to say congratulations to Pixel Corps and Ripple Training for getting their 300 episode of MacBreak Studio published. This time they look at that old chestnut, dynamic trimming in FCPX and FCP7.

macbreak studio jan 22 FCPX

**Updated with workaround**

Steve Martin calls this new episode of MacBreak Studio 'The Compound Clip Conundrum.' So what's the problem and how do you fix it?

hyperlapse tutorial fcpx

Hyperlapses seem to be the flavour of the month in TV production. So how do you use your DSLR to shoot one on location and then edit them in FCPX?

ripple tutorial updte 13 jan 2015

In the first new MacBreak Studio of the year, the FCPX topic of conversation is syncing audio. Plus we have multi take voice overs and how to make a rack focus effect in Motion.

MBS FCPX 6 1 2015

The first Tuesday of the year and the guys at Ripple have published their first MacBreak Studio of 2015. How can media be in more than one place without doubling the disk space used?

MBS 23 12 2014

We have official confirmation that there is no new MacBreak Studio today. No need to worry, we still have Steve and Mark's five minutes of wisdom each.

MBS dec 15

How does one link an animation in Motion? This week's MacBreak Studio explains all. In a seasonal mode, Mark Spencer shows how to add snow to a scene in Motion and we get a customised Christmas card from Steve Martin.

MBS dec 8 FCPX

A complete mix of tutorials from Ripple this week. Heavyweight RED workflow from Steve and audio crossfades and exploding text with Motion from Mark.

fcpx dec tutorial roundup

A whole range of free FCPX tutorials for the beginning of December. From how to build a timelapse, right the way through building your own free colour grading LUTs, to stabilising video.

MBS 2 12 2014

Following on from last week's part one tutorial on storyboarding, Steve and Mark take a longer look at placeholders in this second tutorial.

ripple tutorial updte 6 november

This week's three Ripple tutorials range from storyboarding and getting a graduated filter effect in FCPX, to taking a photo into Motion and animating layers in 3D.

ripple tutorial updte 18 november

Time to catch up with this week's three tutorials from Ripple Training. A way to select media on the magnetic timeline and how to fake parallax in Final Cut Pro X. Plus making a whiteboard animation in Motion.

November tutorial update 2

Just over halfway through November and we have enough free FCPX tutorials to populate a second roundup. Avoid crashing when relinking, choose audio handles, delete stock effects, make multiple range selections and colour correction with S-Log2. Will we make it to roundup 3?