The developers of KeyFlow Pro 2 have released seven new tutorials on how their MAM works. Of special interest to us is the integration with Final Cut Pro X and of course the Workflow Extension.

We have to admit to being fans of KeyFlow Pro even before it had its general release. The Mac based MAM is a very easy way of cataloging assets and has tight integration with FCPX

The proxy workflow capabilities with Final Cut Pro X are certainly getting exciting, especially when third-party apps such as KeyFlow Pro make life easier. We have detailed the proxy workflow before here on FCP.co, however Alex Snelling pointed us to these new tutorials that we thought were worth posting for readers.

Number 3 is the most complex and number 4 is all about using FCPX libraries in KeyFlow Pro 2.

1. Intro & Importing

2. Marking & Annotations

3. Advanced Workflows

4. FCPX libraries in KeyFlow Pro

5. Preferences

6. Shared & Collaborative Workflow

7. Hardware & Software Configuration


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