We have just had an email from FMC with an update including the announcement of the first speakers for the online conference. This year's FCPX Global Virtual Summit looks like it will again have a high quality set of sessions during the week.

We are getting closer every day to the start of the FCPX Global Virtual Summit.

We already know that the event will take place online from the 16th to the 22nd of November 2020. We also know that access to all the sessions and recordings will cost just $199.

On the Thursday of that week, FMC has booked it out for a special 'Apple Day' - Hopefully we might have a sneak peak at an upcoming FCPX update or even see the new Apple Silicon Macs doing their thing. We don't know, but we hope.

FCPX global virtual summit3A packed session from the 2019 FCPX Creative Summit

What we do know though is that the first group of presenters has been announced and the week's schedule is beginning to take shape.

"While the grid is still being finalized and more exciting names and topics will follow, Future Media Conferences is excited to announce our preliminary program and speaker lineup which can be seen here! The speaker lineup includes many familiar faces from past FCPX Summit events, including industry renowned editors and instructors within the FCPX creative community who are eager to share their expertise as well as discuss hot topics such as “Surviving COVID in the Industry” and “Remote Workflow Solutions.” Scheduled speakers in this year's lineup so far include: Jeff Greenberg, Steve Martin, Mark Spencer, Iain Anderson, Lee Herbet, Nick Harauz, Ian Robinson, Robin Moran, Steven Moyer and Geoffrey Orthwein!"

A quality bunch of FCPX folk who know their onions. But what about you?

FMC is looking for FCPX users to present case studies at the GVS. If you think you have an amazing story to share, please fill out this form and contact Event Manager Edward Pachell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You never know, in our next article about the FCPX GVS, we could be announcing your session!


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