In Live Show 13 we talked  about WWDC and what that means for the Pro Apps (including Final Cut Pro X) running on the new Arm-based processors. We have seen there's a new FCPX, Motion and Compressor coming - what else do we know? Don't miss Jace Sparks talk about future API's for FCPX!


There are also two ways that you view;-
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2) Watch right here! We will be looking at comments during the show.

We will certainly have a lot to talk about and we have some great guests lined up to help us analyse the news from the two big presentations from Apple.

One of our confirmed guests is Oliver Peters and he sent us this summary of today's World Wide Developers Conference Keynote Presentation:

macOS Big Sur - the complete iOS-ification of macOS. Not necessarily bad, but definitely complete. Interesting that the design language is back to color and the re-emergence of widgets. Notification center and control center is like iOS/iPadOS, but in some ways strikes me a lot like Windows tiles.

Safari - good improvements, but a lot of catch-up to Chrome. Example - extensions. However, some improvements/refinements over Chrome for sure. Privacy - I'll take those statements with a grain of salt. Still no mention of improved ad-blocking like in MS Edge.

ARM (Apple Silicon) - while this clearly eliminates Intel, the comments also seem to imply it will also eliminate 3rd party GPUs. Maybe you can still augment, but there was no mention of that and they referred a lot to GPU performance in the context of Apple Silicon.

This is the PowerPC/Intel transition 2.0 - Universal 2 so that developers can recompile their Intel-based apps to ARM-based apps. Rosetta 2 so that Intel apps can run as native ARM apps. Microsoft and Adobe working to have native versions of their apps ready when these machines are released. They mentioned virtualization with Linux, but no mention of Windows. So is Boot Camp totally gone?

They demoed FCPX showing their version of Auto Reframe (like Adobe). All Apple apps will be native (including ProApps like FCPX and Logic). So does this now mean that all Apple apps have to be compiled for both Intel and ARM for the time being? Or does it mean that starting with Big Sur you will have to upgrade to Big Sur to update your apps?

Big Sur and first ARM Macs by the end of the year. Transition to last over the next 2 years.

So don't buy any Mac between now and the end of the year, unless you absolutely have to. Then you'll now what the first Macs running Apple Silicon machine will be and what sort of capabilities those machines will have at that time.


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