Up until now, there wasn't really a way to combine marked ranges, favourites, ratings and roles from different FCPX users together. MergeX, a new $49 application now allows you to do exactly that. Without duplicate clips!

We all know that Apple hasn't yet cracked collaborative workflow with Final Cut Pro X. Although we love the logging features in FCPX, it can get a bit tricky when you try to combine different users' logging work into one library..

So when Perig Guinamant from Merge Software got in contact to tell us about his new tool MergeX, we were very keen to find out what it does, he told us:


'MergeX comes from the need of a real-world, easy to implement collaborative workflow. It allows multiple editors (or assistants, or whoever is willing to use FCPX) to work on the same footage at the same time on multiple systems, logging metadata, keywords, ratings, roles, etc… and then merge their FCPX events without losing any of their hard work.

You can then choose who gets priority over whom in case of conflict, for example when the same portion of a clip is marked as favorite by one editor, and rejected by another, or if two markers are right on the same timecode.

It works with every type of clips: assets (i.e. “simple” video or audio), synchronized, multicam, and compound. You don’t have to create and send an event to work on it: just import the same footage on every computer, work on it, send an fcpxml of your logged event, and MergeX will find out who’s who.'


Impressive stuff, but the demo video is even more impressive. Why? Because it opens up a new way of working, a machine doing separate logging and that data being transferred to another user without causing duplicate clips in the browser or overwriting the existing data. Assistant Editors everywhere rejoice!

This is a great addition to any Final Cut Pro X workflow where you have more than one user marking up footage.  

Perig is also very keen to get feedback, so please leave any thoughts, bugs, suggestions or comments below.

You can find MergeX on the Mac App Store priced at $49.99


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