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Kyno's first major update will be released today, 1st of December. Version 1.1 includes improvements to the Final Cut Pro X integration, tagging UI, output directory selection for transcoding and other exports, general productivity improvements for output, and a host of helpful bug fixes. FCPX TOUR video included!

FCP.co has received a sneak-peek of the new features and fixes that are included in the newest release of Kyno, which will be available as a free update to existing customers starting today.

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Kyno is a brand-new application that was introduced in September during IBC, and we have recorded a live demo of Kyno at the FCP X TOUR Barcelona.

In this entertaining overview, Robert Krüger, co-founder of Lesspain Software, demoes the many features of the app. He also talks about his experience at the Filmmaking Masterclass London (a workshop organised by Philip Bloom and Nino Leitner) and gives us great advice about media management in general:



Apple has included Kyno on its Final Cut Pro resources page, recommending Kyno and its asset management toolset for browsing media, adding markers and applying keywords, before sending to Final Cut Pro for editing.

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The first update to the initial release of Kyno focuses on improved productivity in important areas such as Tagging, Transcoding and FCPX integration, and contains some important fixes for issues that customers had reported:


The usability of the tagging UI has seen a few important improvements:

-You can now type to create a tag or use autocompletion to select existing tags

- Use the new tag editor (Menu - Tags...) to tag one or multiple files, remove specific tags or all tags

- Press Cmd-Shift-T to open the tag editor and tag away without taking your hands off the keyboard

- For the power taggers: long lists of tags are now scrollable, type letters to navigate in long lists and use autocompletion


Final Cut Pro X integration has been ramped up (in the "Send to Final Cut Pro X" or "Export - Final Cut Pro XML" dialogs):

- Select existing FCPX libraries to add your clips to from within Kyno

- Add names of multiple levels of folders containing your clips as keywords on export to FCPX

- Improved UI to choose whether files are copied or left in place on import into FCP X

- Our website now documents how Kyno metadata gets translated to Final Cut Pro X Metadata


Improved productivity with transcoding, export and rename dialogs:

- Batch subclip export now includes the in-/out-range marked in a clip if it hasn’t yet been created as a subclip

- Canon C300 folder structures are now detected as such and cameras are automatically displayed in drilldown mode

- Support for playback of Canon C300 MXF 10bit 4:4:4 files



- Some HEVC files were causing a crash, they can now be played in full 4k glory

- A rare issue that caused some MTS files to not be playable in FCPX after export from Kyno was discovered and eliminated

- Stability was improved for indexing hard drives, some?mes new files didn't show up because of this

- Fixed: Kyno unpolitely crashed when browsing certain corrupt TIFF files

- Files with names containing colons (":") were showing up empty, they can now be properly opened and played as you’d expect

- External Thunderbolt drives are now ejectable from within Kyno


More information on Kyno’s webpage:


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Ronny Courtens (Belgium) is a post-production professional with over 40 years of experience in the film and television industry. He has worked for major national broadcasters and post-production facilities as an editor, post supervisor, and workflow architect.

Since he successfully used Final Cut Pro on a complex broadcast job at the 2012 Olympic Games, he has helped media companies and broadcasters all over Europe to adopt this application.

Building on his experience in enterprise workflows, he joined Other World Computing in 2020 as Head of Enterprise Solutions (ESG), developing the Jellyfish, Jupiter, Argest and Neptune product lines.

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