Timbrée is an amazing animated short film that was constructed in Apple Motion. Alain Boisvert takes us through the process of creating the complex animations and why he chose Motion over Adobe's After Effects.

This will be a story that is familiar to many. Joaquin has progressed from a very early version of Premiere, through Final Cut Pro 7 and now edits with the current version of FCP. And yes, he does love it.!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan of Final Cut Pro. And while new features have been added this year (tracking changes, voice isolation) there have been no revolutionary changes to how the app works. If you learned how to use the app last year, you don’t need to re-learn it this year, and it doesn’t look like much has changed. So… does it matter that there hasn’t been a great deal of visible progress? It’s complicated, so let’s dig in.

I didn’t expect this to work, but wow, it does. Genius.

Can't get the music approved on your production? Let Freque take the drudgery out of choosing music and put the creativity back in.

Have you ever wanted too use funny movie clips in your YouTube videos? A couple of clicks and you can!

Diary of a Final Cut Pro Plugin Writer

Welcome to an occasional article about writing plugins, video editing and generally anything else in the video world that we find interesting.

You might have noticed that back in June the article posting on FCP.co slowed right down to a stop. It had been slowing down for a few months, but Ronny’s article about the Watchtower of China has been topping the page for a fair few months. So what happened?

When Italian director Leonardo Dalessandri published Watchtower of Turkey in October 2014, his work created a tidal wave among content creators worldwide. Millions of people watched and applauded this stunning production on Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook and famous Youtubers made breakdown videos to analyze how he created this masterpiece.

The last few WWDC's have been pretty well packed with new hardware and software. Apple's 2022 World Wide Developers Conference continued the innovation.

Apple has officially responded to the recent open letter from Final Cut Pro editors to Tim Cook.

We sat down with Xander Soren, Director of Product Marketing, Pro Apps, Tom Boger, Vice President of Mac & iPad Product Marketing and Shelly Goldberg, Senior Director, Mac & iPad Product Design. 

Another Final Cut Pro switcher story from 'An Adobe girl through and through'.