Philip VanDusen takes a look at the hottest graphic trends for 2022.

It’s fair to say that good video editing is all about precise timeline trimming and color grading. TourBox Elite, a Bluetooth editing controller now provides rapid wireless access to many of the editing tools in Final Cut Pro.

Monterey 12.1 was released today and along with it was a feature called SharePlay. Can you share your Final Cut Pro edit screen and audio?

YouTube seems to be flooded with NLE battles, but we liked this one. One comment in the middle made the difference.

Iain Anderson performs some very useful Final Cut Pro and Motion benchmarks on the new Apple laptops.

We have put together a list of companies running Black Friday sales deals that will appeal to editors.

We talk to filmmaker Emmanuel Tenenbaum about his new short film Free Fall that was edited on Final Cut Pro.

Tomorrow (Friday) we look forward to the biggest day of the 2021 FCP Global Summit. We have the Apple presentations, vampires on planes and of course the OWC Apple ecosystem workflow demo.

With less than two weeks before the start of the FCP Global Summit, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look through the schedule and highlight a few interesting sessions we hope to attend


Having said that, they will all be good and we will try to watch as many as we can, there is always something to learn.

Don't forget to register (It's free) for the FCP Global Summit here. The summit runs from Monday November the 8th to Saturday November the 13th.


Friday 12 of November - Apple Day!

FRIDAY 12pm EDT I think we have to kick-off with the possible highlight on Friday, Knut Hake talking about the Netflix Original vampire thriller in the air, Blood Red Sky. Two things to do before hearing from Knut. First of all watch the movie on Netflix and then have a read of Oliver Peter's article on how the film was made with Final Cut Pro.

FRIDAY 1PM EDT Apple present 'What's New in Apple Pro Video'. Expect to see FCP 10.6 running on the new MacBook Pros. Cinematic Mode and of course the new tracking in FCP will also feature. Maybe we will see Motion and Compressor demoed as well. Remember, the Apple presentation will not be available afterwards, miss it, miss out!

FRIDAY 2pm EDT The session after that is an OWC solutions demo. Not only do you have OWC CEO Larry O'Connor, but you also have Jen Soule and Sam Mestman presenting. New products maybe?

There's also a couple of sessions in the evening that look to have an Apple involvement. Keep an eye on those.


Monday 8th of November is a 'New to me' day designed as an introduction to the Pro Apps.

1pm EDT Mark Spencer kicks off his run of presentations with 'Motion in Just Minutes: How to Get Started Under 10 Min'. If you have never used Motion and wanted to give it a go, this presentation will be ideal.

8pm EDT  We will be tuning in for Mike Matzdorff and his session '“The FCP Mindset” for the Track Based Editor.' He's got a lot of NLE knowledge, Hollywood credentials and a great sense of humour.


Tuesday November the 9th moves on to the art in editing and also the two 'tracks' of sessions start.

1pm EDT Audio is often the poorer half of production, so good to see Charlie Austin presenting 'Getting People to Sound GREAT in FCP'.

2pm EDT Straight after that, we will be flicking the remote control over to watch Sam Mestman present 'Blueprint for a Micro Budget Feature'. 

7pm EDT Summer Stories in Chicago with Vince Vaughn. The key is in the title here. We are looking forward to hearing from this Hollywood actor and producer on being involved with making films on a much smaller scale, but still with a lot of passion for storytelling.

8pm EDT Later in the day, the leading lady of Motion, Jenn Jager makes her Summit debut with 'Motion: Animation Made Easy with Behaviors'.


Wednesday 10th of November is all about Mobile, lots to choose from here.

7pm EDT Antipodean (He's going to be up early!) Lee Herbet will present 'From iPhone to FCP: How to Start on Your Phone and End on Your Mac'. Even more important with the iPhone 13 Pro out now.

8pm EDT Following that will be Nick Harauz with a topic that doesn't get much of a mention, but is essential for social media - 'Designing Vertical Video'.

9pm EDT Another mention here to one half of the Ripple team, Mark Spencer who is presenting 'Working with iPhone HDR in Final Cut Pro'. As we think Dolby vision is THE mastering format for the future, we will be watching.


Thursday 11th of November is a day focused on pros. 

12pm EDT Thursday starts with Cirina Catania 'FCP for Non-Editors: For Producer's Eyes Only' It will be interesting to get a different perspective on FCP.

8pm EDT The organiser of the program, Jeff Greenberg will present 'These Shots are Never Going to Match!' We know he likes a challenge when it comes to colour correction and from a recent Skype call, we know Jeff is going to have to use all his colour correcting knowledge on this one. 


Finally, Saturday 13th of November is about Career, Social and Community

2pm EDT We will be watching Bethany Grayton present "How to Build Traction on Youtube". Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!

7pm EDT Brings in Robin Moran from Indonesia with "How to Overcome Workflow Anxiety?." Lessons to be learned post Covid.

9pm EDT How to Give Great Feedback - Working Well in Creative Collaborations will be hosted by Steve Douglass, Vince Vaughn and Jeff Greenberg. 

10pm EDT Saturday Night Wrap-Up Party!


Some great sessions to attend during the week, but you do have to register. See you there!


The 15.1 update has brought ProRes recording to the native Camera app on the iPhone13 Pro.

New MacBook Pros, Final Cut Pro updates and Apple staff on a podcast! Doesn't happen often, worth a watch.

Updates all round this week, Blackmagic has announced the release of DaVinci Resolve 17.4.

Oliver Peters talks to Knut Hake, the editor of the Netflix film Blood Red Sky that was edited on Final Cut Pro.