The Covid-19 pandemic has hit us all, hopefully just with work being cancelled. We have put together a list of resources that might help with remote editing & companies that are offering special services during this time.


Working remotely or at home has its positives and negatives. It can be great to start work in the morning as early as you like or cut away into the early hours when you get 'in a groove.' But not only does it require the equipment and software to make this possible, it also needs discipline and organisation.

We have put together a growing list of resources that just might help you through what might be an extended break away from the normal edit bay.


Working from Home Tips

Working from home (Stack Overflow)
Working from home (Nextiva)
Top ten tips for working in a hotel room (Or home)
How the coronavirus could change the way we make TV (Sign-in to IBC required)
COVID-19 advice for freelancers working in film and TV (UK BECTU)



Adobe will temporarily grant access to lab licenses for students at home if the school uses Adobe federated IDs.
Avid to Offer Temporary Licenses on Creative Tools to Help Customers Impacted by COVID-19
Free 30 day trial of Final Cut Pro X that editors could use on their Macs at home
DaVinci Resolve  - The free NLE from Blackmagic Design (Worth checking out just to see how much their 'new' cut page takes from FCPX!
Affinty Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator style apps) free 90 day trial or buy at 50% off.
EditShare Flow has made their web-based, remote production and collaboration tool Flow Media Management free through July 1st.
Toon Boon extending home licenses to current customers
Free 60 trail of Reaper V6 DAW
MiniMoog for iOS is now free for a limited time. 
KORG will provide iKaossilator for iOS and Kaossilator for Android for free for a limited time. 

Remote Working & Productivity

Working Remotely During The Covid-19 Outbreak With Final Cut Pro X
Postlab - Collaborative workflow solution fro FCPX
Michael Kammes' conversation with Bob Zelin re remote editing with BeBop (includes price guidance)
Listen to Michael Kammes talk to Scott Simmons about remote editing
Chronosync -copy files, folders and drives with incremental backups
Zoom - a bit like Skype on steroids for video conferencing, webinars etc
Frame.io the cloud-based collaboration hub for online viewings, notes & feedback
Screening Room for filmmakers to upload cuts and invite team members and screeners to give collaborative feedback right in a timeline
Trello an online list of lists of things to do. A Mac App, but soon to go iOS
ToDoist A Mac/iOS /Watch online to do list
Google Docs - Work on a document or spreadsheet with multiple users at the same time.
SelfControl - A free Mac application to help you avoid distracting websites.

Teaching & Courses 

While numerous resources are being shared for teachers suddenly moving traditional classes online, media related teachers are struggling to find ways to cope with school closures when they typically rely on equipment cages and computer labs to handle their unique requirements.

Apple devices excel in areas that can fill the void left from campus resources dedicated to media related classes. iPhone and iPad can be used to film and edit video, iPad can handle many of the drawing and other creative tools typically limited to computer labs.

These are also areas that Chromebook does not handle well. Chromebook video editing is limited to a program called WeVideo, but filming on a Chromebook is not acceptable.  


Resources for Teaching Media in a Virtual Setting
We Make Movies smartphone studio has some great examples of workshops showing what is possible with mobile devices.
Cinamaker app offers multi-camera video production, live streaming and recording completely from iPads.
Mobile Journalism Manual
Resources for Teaching Media in a Virtual Setting 
Facebook group: Shifting Film, Media, Screenwriting & Production Online for COVID-19
Full Sail Labs Free Online Courses for teens in areas of technology, entertainment and media
There is a brand new platform called Edit Mentor that has been in the Beta stage and was supposed to roll out next month at the Broadcast Education Association conference. It is supposed to be a revolutionary (as they put it) new way of teaching video editing online. It is being offered free to schools during the shutdown.
Smart Film School is offering their online courses to schools for free until May 31. Smart Film School online courses in video journalism.
These complimentary class licenses for video storytelling instructors and their students and are valid until May 31, 2020.
These three masterclasses include hundreds of bite-size tutorials, examples, and exercises.
Coupon Code: BEA20RELIEF
iPhone 11 Pro - Filmic Pro & Luma Fusion: Filmmaking Quick Course 
Documentary Filmmaking
Mobile Journalism Online Course
Mobile Journalism Manual Website 
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