Has the tide turned? It seems more and more are discovering that FCPX is really the fastest and best way to get content ingested, edited and outputted. YouTuber Levi Allen AKA Leftcoast gave himself 24 hours to make the switch. Why did he change NLEs? His video tells all.

It was only last week we were having an online conversation with a reader about the YouTuber Leftcoast. It was triggered off by the rather public criticism by Philip Bloom on Facebook that described his frustrations with Premiere running on his PC. (He recently switched from a Mac.)

So when we saw this video from Leftcoast, we were obviously interested. What we didn't expect is the thumping endorsement he gives FCPX seeing as he admits to knowing Premiere well and liking it.

If you are reading this and are considering switching from Adobe Premiere to FCPX, Chris Roberts very kindly put together these two articles to help-

Switching from Adobe Premiere to Final Cut Pro X Part 1

Switching from Adobe Premiere to Final cut Pro X Part 2

So what made him make the switch to FCPX at the beginning of 2018?

We will let you watch the video below to find out. Enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who sent us the tip about the video.


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