Two bits of good news. 3D and VR plugin developer Tim Dashwood has joined Apple. Not only is that good news for FCPX users, he has also made his existing plugin products free.

We would imagine FxFactory's servers have been red hot since the news crept out that long-time plugin developer Tim Dashwood has joined Apple. 

We have reached out to Tim, but he hasn't yet responded. He's attending NAB and we are pretty sure he will be busy. Hopefully we will have an official paragraph or two from him later.

The employment of Tim follows the same path as the hiring of Wes Plate from Automatic Duck which was announced back in early February of this year. 

Tim developed 3D and 360 VR plugins for editors using Quartz Composer. Now that Tim works at Apple, could we see VR editing functionality included with FCPX? Or could VR capability be included inside the OS?

All exciting stuff and very good news for anybody who uses the Pro Apps.

His employment has meant that he has made his commercial plugin products free to download. 

His 360VR Toolbox used to sell for over $1,000. If you produce or are thinking of making 360 videos then this is a great pack of plugins.

We mustn't forget his other products.

Smooth Skin does exactly what is says on the tin. Especially handy for beauty and wedding videos

Secret Identity automatically blurs faces by using the face detection in the Mac OS

Editors Essentials is a set of editing tools.

We wish Tim all the best and look forward to seeing new functionality in FCPX and/or the MacOS.


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