We have had English graphic manuals for Final Cut Pro X 10.3, we have had a German graphic manual, so we thought it's only fair to mention the latest manual update for French editors.

Two things that FCPX has over the other NLE's out there, a great sense of community and of course the supporting ecosystem. 

FCP.co friend Martin Gosset wrote in telling us that he has recently updated the French graphic manual 'Dans les Chaussettes de FCP X' for 10.3. (In the socks of FCPX)

You will have to excuse our basic French, we might get something wrong, but thankfully Martin's English is a lot better.

It has taken 5 months for the update to be published. It now contains 710 pages and 65 videos in a PDF 

Dans les Chaussettes de FCP X is available from Martin's website for €21.50. There is also a shorter version for beginners.

He has very kindly let us embed the first 120 pages on FCP.co. Clicking opens up the pages larger in another browser frame.


Martin hasn't stopped there. He has also produced more tutorials including a 60 page PDF about the new features in the 10.3 update. The good news is that this is available in French and English.

Again the 60 page PDF Final Cut Pro X.3 New Features (English version) can be found on Martin's website for $7.



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