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FCP.co is at IBC 2011


We have left the FCP.co campus and moved to Amsterdam for a few days for IBC 2011. Our new server is also online so you should get the news as fast as you can click.

A bit of a frustrating morning, the wifi in the Press Centre has only just worked for Mac users so we are a tad behind with postings.

Also our new server is now fully functional so apologies to everybody if they were seeing an out of date website yesterday. Hopefully everything should be fine and in sync from now on. I have to mention the excellent support for Rochen our hosts who were right all along with our nameserver problem. We had to change servers because of the growth of the site, which is a good problem to have had on reflection. We now have a shiny new server in a rack in Dallas bringing this site to you with lots more bandwidth.

More from the show soon.

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