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Boston based camera man Tom Guilmette shares his experience of shooting 3D, and the positives and negatives of the Panasonic AG 3DA1 3D Video Camera. This is an informed perspective so well worth a listen. Find out more about editing 3D footage after the break.

UPDATE: Walter Murch's 3D verdict in (also after the break)

There's a good walk through with the camera itself in his blog. He gets into convergence, the positive parallax and the negative one. It's clearly a tricky business.

And once you've got your head around shooting with your Panasonic AG 3DA1, you have to take it to post, and that's where it gets even more complicated! Tom has also uploaded, very generously some 3D files, so it gives those of us who still haven't had a chance to edit 3D within FCP, the chance to get our hands dirty.

Take a look here at Tom's very honest article on his instructive blog.

If you scroll to the bottom of the article, you'll find the downloadable 3D files.


Now the jury on 3D had been out, but jury foreman Walter Murch has come in with a verdict on this whole 3D trial period we're experiencing both in cinema and television.

While Tom Guilmette might not think that 3D is a format for television, Walter Murch goes further. He claims even 600 million years of evolution won't be enough to enable us to overcome the convergence and focus issues inherent in 3D cinema.

He makes his views very clear in a letter to renowned film critic Roger Ebert. You can read the full contents of the letter here.

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