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Demystifying Final Cut Pro XMLs by Philip Hodgetts and Gregory Clarke

XML is an acronym that gets used a lot in editing and the transfer of media in the FCPX ecosystem. But what exactly is XML?, how is it used and how can you begin to understand the power of the plain text language? Workflow experts Philip Hodgetts and Greg Clarke start with the basics of XML and…
animating textures fcpx

We built a pool! Publishing animating Motion textures to Final Cut Pro X

Want moving textures in Final Cut Pro X? Plugin building expert Fox Mahoney shows us how to construct a moving water texture in Motion and publish it to FCPX. Great knowledge that will extend the capabilities of 3D text even further. Link to the free finished moving water texture generator plugin…
OSC fcpx pt2 banner

Controlling shapes: The mysteries of OSC in Final Cut Pro X revealed, Part 2

If you ever want to build an adjustable line or shape in Motion for use in Final Cut Pro, there is only one way to get the On Screen Controls to work. In the second part of the series on OSCs, our resident Motion expert, Fox Mahoney shows us how to control shapes in plugins for FCPX. He's also very…

Big Sur & Apple Silicon

Mobile Creator

Smart Phone Studio and Final Cut Pro X Go to Duluth

What’s the fastest way to learn filmmaking? Get a bunch of iPhones, Macbooks, Final Cut Pro X and Filmic Pro, a ton of mobile filmmaking gear, and go make some movies together. That’s what they did at PBS station WDSE in Duluth, Minnesota with Cirina Catania,…

nab south hall fcpx 2014

It's the first day of NAB 2014 and the news and rumours about new products has started already. They are mainly about cameras, a New Sony 4K DSLR, a possible new Blackmagic camera and the big news of the new $9,000 AJA Cion 4K camera.


If you are one of the lucky editors who will work with 4K RAW or SR codec footage from the Sony F65 camera, then you'll need to know how to get the footage off the cards and into your NLE.


So how can you ingest 40 hours of XDCAM material and have it all logged into FCP bins in 2 hours? With Sony's new XMPilot app for iOS or Android, you do the hard work on the shoot.

Sony XDS-PD2000

The new Sony cameras put some of the other cool products on the booth into the shade. Yes, Sony had some new toys for us editors too. Video and info after the break.

A demo video that has everything, Vegas, women and Vincent Laforet shooting in a helicopter. Does the $3,000+ Sony F3 S-Log upgrade really make a difference? BTS video in the read more.


Sony are outdoing themselves at NAB with new cameras at the moment, and at fcp.co towers we definitely want one of these beauties. The F65, even the name sounds like a combat jet, looks so cool, take a peak at some of those specs - 120fps, 4K resolution and a rotary shutter to prevent that rolling shutter problem, this is one very nice piece of kit. No retail price available as of yet, but our guess is you'd probably have to re-mortgage to be able to buy one and all the lenses that go along with it. Still we can dream.


Sony are going full tilt into 3D, with the HXR-NX3D1. All the tech stuff after the break but what's of particular interest to us is that support is scheduled to enable conversion of MVC footage recorded with the HXR-NX3D1 to CineForm codec using the popular CineForm Neo3D/NeoHD as a Codec Plug-In for 3D editing. Looks like GoPro made a good decision in buying CineForm.

Philip from HDWarrior is pretty amazed by this new Sony camera, the PMWF3, especially for its low light capabilities. Last time we were on the phone to Philip, we asked him to hurry up and post this review as we've been very keen to hear his findings!


Nigel Cooper at DVuser was a lucky man, he managed to get his hands on the new Sony NEX-FS100E before its grand announcement yesterday. Another post DSLR large sensor 5D killer? Links and a Sony demo video after the break.


Jealous yes, very. Matthew Allard of Al Jazeera took delivery of a Sony F3 model number 00002 and immediately put it to work. How did it perform?

**Update 2/3/11 Firmware update & news of a 8K sensor Sony camera possibly to be shown at NAB**