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ONA: Better Care for a Lifetime

Following up on his article last week, Adam Schoales now posts about his latest project. This time it's a special cinema spot shot at 6K on a RED Helium and cut on Final Cut Pro X of course!

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Demystifying Final Cut Pro XMLs by Philip Hodgetts and Gregory Clarke

XML is an acronym that gets used a lot in editing and the transfer of media in the FCPX ecosystem. But what exactly is XML?, how is it used and how can you begin to understand the power of the plain text language? Workflow experts Philip Hodgetts and Greg Clarke start with the basics of XML and…
animating textures fcpx

We built a pool! Publishing animating Motion textures to Final Cut Pro X

Want moving textures in Final Cut Pro X? Plugin building expert Fox Mahoney shows us how to construct a moving water texture in Motion and publish it to FCPX. Great knowledge that will extend the capabilities of 3D text even further. Link to the free finished moving water texture generator plugin…
OSC fcpx pt2 banner

Controlling shapes: The mysteries of OSC in Final Cut Pro X revealed, Part 2

If you ever want to build an adjustable line or shape in Motion for use in Final Cut Pro, there is only one way to get the On Screen Controls to work. In the second part of the series on OSCs, our resident Motion expert, Fox Mahoney shows us how to control shapes in plugins for FCPX. He's also very…

Big Sur & Apple Silicon

Mobile Creator

copyright and editorial FCpdotco

The fallout from the dust copyright dispute continues, but it has made us aware of how our site and other sites should be run. We took a big editorial decision last night.

Precipice fcpx 1

***Updated with machine stats***

As FCPX matures, we are seeing more and more features being cut on the software. The Precipice is a low budget Australian indie that chose to post on FCPX for flexibility and speed.

fcp.co 100000 uniques

A huge milestone in the history of our website, FCP.co has achieved over 100,000 absolute unique viewers a month. A time for a celebration, cake and a big thank you to all our readers.

server update fcpdotco

Over the last couple of months you might have noticed things slowing down slightly here on FCP.co. Due to the site's popularity and daily growing traffic, we had far outgrown our previous dedicated server. Monday morning sees us back on a bigger, better & faster machine.

kern me

If you know what the kerning of text is, then go ahead and test your skills out. If you don't know what kerning is, you should definitely read this article and then try out your knowledge. You won't beat our 87% first time score though....

blackmagic cinema camera test

It almost feels like the day when Vincent Laforet posted Reverie online back in 2008 which led to the DSLR video revolution. Marco Solario has uploaded probably the first production that's been shot entirely with the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

LAFCPUG Vickie Sampson

A fantastic presentation from sound editor Vickie Sampson at the recent Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group Meeting. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and learn from the lady who post dubbed all of the bus scenes in Speed

youtube facilities creator space

Who has just built a brand new studio and editing suite complex in Soho, London? YouTube. Yes the Google owned video site has set up its first facility. The game changes again...

the editing of star wars

Just in time for holiday reading, a new book looks at the editing craft behind the seminal 1977 sci-fi film. Did you know there are 2177 cuts in the film? No? Let's take a closer look.