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10 Things Every Camera Assistant Should Know About the RED Camera


Here's a good one for all you camera assistants out there trying to force your way in the business. The top ten things every camera assistant should know about the RED Camera. Find out what they are after the break.

There's a wealth of RED experience to be found on The Black and Blue blog, and author Evan Luzi has given us a lot of insight into things like: data management, the flange/back focus, reading the dial, dropped frames, varispeed shooting, and meta-data.

But there are two things we thought might be of special interest to the uninitiated.

One: Its a heavy little beast, so if its not tripod mounted, there are a lot of considerations to take into account. For the sake of your shoulder at the very least!

And Two: There's a 90 second boot time on the RED camera, so it's probably not something you'd want to use for filming wildlife doccos!

If you want to read the full article go to Evan Luzi's very informative blog The Black and Blue. Here's the link to find out all ten things to know about the RED camera.

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