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First Public Footage of Red Scarlet Fixed Lens Camera

Tonaci Tran certainly moves and shakes with those RED people. He went to RED Studios to work on the Santa Fe 3D Workshop and got to handle the Red Scarlet Fixed Lens camera.

The Scarlet, Tonaci Tran was holding, had the 5inch lcd touchscreen. He felt that ''the lens gear ring which can be set to zoom, iris or focus is buttery smooth. QUALITY. The electronic zoom works like a charm...Comforting to those who may fear that RED wouldn't have time for the Scarlet with all the Epic buzz going on. The Red Scarlet is definitely around the corner. The Scarlet is lighter in weight than the Epic even with the fixed lens. This is due to the Scarlet body being more narrow.  Touch screen controls were functional.''

It didn't just stop there for this RED enthusiast, he was also lucky enough to get the very first public viewing of the RED EPIC ELEMENT TECHNICA ATOM 3D RIG. The ATOM is a 3d rig designed by Element Technica and Red specifically for the Red Epic. This is the very first video of the ATOM. Also included in the video is the Element Technica Neutron outfitted with the Red 2/3 Interchangeable Scarlets. Click here for more.