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Demystifying Final Cut Pro XMLs by Philip Hodgetts and Gregory Clarke

XML is an acronym that gets used a lot in editing and the transfer of media in the FCPX ecosystem. But what exactly is XML?, how is it used and how can you begin to understand the power of the plain text language? Workflow experts Philip Hodgetts and Greg Clarke start with the basics of XML and…
animating textures fcpx

We built a pool! Publishing animating Motion textures to Final Cut Pro X

Want moving textures in Final Cut Pro X? Plugin building expert Fox Mahoney shows us how to construct a moving water texture in Motion and publish it to FCPX. Great knowledge that will extend the capabilities of 3D text even further. Link to the free finished moving water texture generator plugin…
OSC fcpx pt2 banner

Controlling shapes: The mysteries of OSC in Final Cut Pro X revealed, Part 2

If you ever want to build an adjustable line or shape in Motion for use in Final Cut Pro, there is only one way to get the On Screen Controls to work. In the second part of the series on OSCs, our resident Motion expert, Fox Mahoney shows us how to control shapes in plugins for FCPX. He's also very…

Big Sur & Apple Silicon

WWDC - Thinking Outside of the Box with Final Cut Pro X

A week later and the information from a packed WWDC is beginning to sink in. The move to Apple Silicon will bring advantages to FCPX such as speed and resource use, but what about new possibilities with new technology?

Mobile Creator

copyright and editorial FCpdotco

The fallout from the dust copyright dispute continues, but it has made us aware of how our site and other sites should be run. We took a big editorial decision last night.

After much discussion, we decided to suspend Pixel Film Studio's advertising here on FCP.co. They have been very generous in taking out ads with us for a few months now, but we feel that with the current dispute we can't jeopardise this site's standing in the FCPX community.

Being British, we tend to play things here with a pretty straight bat and sometimes that means taking the approach  that discretion is the better part of valour. Writing something on a website is very different from being able to prove it in a court of law.

We were inundated (over 150 replied) when we offered 3 licences of ProcutX out to possible testers who could write or post a video review for us. We have to apologise to the 3 who are testing and to the many who applied, but as we stand today, a review isn't going to be published here.

Do we have an editorial policy? Of course we do! We try and feature as much news about Final Cut Pro X as possible. Are we going to take down previous articles about Pixel Film Studio's products? No we are not unless there are copyright claims on them by other vendors. Will we feature new Pixel Film Studio products? Right at this moment no.

Not every article we write or get sent ends up being published. Some days we don't publish anything as there is 'no new FCP news' and we don't want to pad the site out with irrelevant filler. Our CMS is awash with half written articles that have been abandoned as they were never going to make the grade. (We are always on the lookout for good writers with good stories.)

Do we feature everybody and every product? No, because it is near impossible and sometimes individuals get very hot under the collar as they can't see why a 1.0 to 1.1 update of their product won't make the front page. You will also be surprised at the number of companies in the FCPX ecosystem that don't send us any information or press releases even though we have asked for them.

And to bring it full circle, you may ask why we don't post up MotionVFX products here. Quite simple. After a mutually beneficial run of news stories and giveaways (which we didn't charge MotionVFX one dollar for) this popped up on their site.

Here is the the MotionVFX link 

motionvfx competition


Look a bit familiar? It is not flipped or slowed down, but anybody would agree there is more than one similarity with our previous giveaways.

Here is an original link

fcp.co competition


Everything is a remix eh? Gamekeeper turned poacher.

There is more to this story as we later in the year had a short discussion on an affiliate based system, but as we said at the beginning of the article, discretion has prevailed. We would rather spend time on finding and writing new articles.

Before we finish, we will touch once again on the problem of the copying of stories. As you might have found when browsing, our content gets repackaged onto other news sites and blogs on a regular basis. We think readers are savvy enough to know the original source of a story and will eventually gravitate towards that for quality, research and the fact that it was posted up a day before the others.

We don't want to be firing off emails to everybody who has used CMD C & CMD V on FCP.co content. In our world, the less we have to pay out to lawyers the better, but we also have a limit to how much sincere flattery we can take.

Right,we think it is about time that we got back to why this site is here in the first place...




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