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A Canon 60D versus RED, the audience decides


UK broadcaster Channel Five conduct a video challenge on The Gadgest Show between a Canon 60D and the RED camera. It might turn some people's stomachs but we loved the dirty fingernail shot in the second short!

Take a darkened theatre, a bedraggled puppeteer and a marionette and produce a short film. That was the brief, and here are the videos for you to decide which is better.

The first short film is made by Jon, who is a presenter on The Gadget Show. Jon Bentley is an experienced guy: in 1984 he joined the BBC’s Top Gear programme as a Researcher. He went on to become Producer and Editor of the show between 1987 and 1999, before moving to Five, where he became a presenter.

The second short is made by BAFTA nominated film maker Will McGregor who was using the RED camera.

The films were judged by a cinema full of movie lovers, with the decision swinging to the professionals. Still you have to admire what a £800 bit of kit can do compared to the £30000+ kit the pro's were using.

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